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Somah Wellness

Good Health and Wellness to all

We learned our craft over decades of creating and managing brands for other people. Then in 2015 we decided we absolutely had to pour our passion, love and expertise in to our own brand. Thousands of bottles, Jars and Capsules of our beautiful products are now being enjoyed around the world in hospitals, air lines, hotels, niche stores, spas and the homes of discerning people, just like you

We have inspired by SOMAH, a term taken from Sanskrit, meaning to the ‘Nectar of Immortality’ SOMAH is the principle of, nourishment and bliss that complements purification and knowledge. SOMAH relates to the mind, which is often identified with the Moon, the abode of Health, Beauty and wellness

Thus we have focused together Health, Beauty and Wellness care, product and philosophy and we are passionate about the unlimited health benefits Virgin Coconut Oil offer in Child Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Anti-aging and Cholesterol free cooking products that replenish, refresh and revive.

The foundation of what we do is through the miracle power of Virgin Coconut Oil as well as the idea of collecting coconuts from “The God’s own Country – Kerala. Being born here; it inspires our products and designed. Our entire brand philosophy is built on this vibrant platform. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we used to craft our products, with sustainability, great health and wellness to our customers in its purest form across the globe.

We work with an amazing team, who share our absolute sense of passion and excellence. We always love to hear from you and you can find our details on the back page of this brochure.

"We are on a continuous effort, meeting with our local health care authority, the top end medical professionals and researchers, to try and convince them of the long term health benefits of good diabetes education."

Why SOMAH Wellness?

Our products are geared towards serious results, self – preservation and total wellbeing. It’s not about “hope in a bottle” or believing that life’s problems can disappear at the mere whiff of some coconut oil, but about offering divine preparations and purity in each of our products aimed at busy, health and wellness conscious people, the overstressed and those who seek the very best to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. The idea of SOMAH Wellness was born in the northern part of Kerala and it inspires our brand philosophy, products, target audience, treatments and design. Famous for its great tradition, diet and life balance, the Malabar part of Kerala boasts one of the healthiest lifestyles and happiest people on the planet, and we like that.

Why SOMAH Wellness Virgin coconut oil?

To help reduce Oxidative stress: - Damages caused by free radicals / reactive oxygen species cellular damages at different levels (membrane, proteins, DNA, etc) lead to cell death, tissue injury, cellular toxicity, etc, Reduction of antioxidants

To help reduce Free Radical Toxicity: - Causes of free radical toxicity, Increase production of free radicals, Decrease level of defence system (e.g., antioxidants)

To help reduce Lipid peroxidation, DNA damage, Protein oxidation, Aging & Diseases.

VCO is the richest and natural source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

VCO is comprised of SCFAs and MCFAs

SOMAH VCO contain Natural source of Vitamin – E

SOMAH VCO contains Lauric acid which gets converted to a biologically active molecule named Monolaurin which effectively kills disease causing bacteria, virus and fungi. Monolaurin, an antioxidant and A Wonder Immune Boosting Component which prevent or slow down the “aging process” or “they improve immune function”.

Anti – aging

All our products contain ingredients that encourage cellular renewal and protect against stresses of various kinds, environmental factors and all the neglect and excess we throw at our body. We think that’s important.


Our formulas read like who’s who of coconut and its contents, with a plethora of health benefits harvested from the best nuts from the field. We are thankful for creation and visit here first for all our product benefits.

Hair and skin

We like to create textures and feel – good aromas hat are adorable to the senses and an absolute pleasure to use by us and our children. We focus on skin feelings, such as a dewy finish for dry skin and matte finish for oily skin, and whenever we can, cashmere is the goal.

Results oriented

We reached into the brilliant minds, experience and traditions of international product gurus, scientists, herbalists, ayurvedic stalwarts, and doctors of derma- science. The results are advanced and concentrated formulas in a different league, high levels of the finest Virgin Coconut Oil, combined with cutting edge science. It’s the results that count.

Hot processed V/S Cold processed and why you should be concerned? – Top secret revealed!

Hot methods apply extreme pressure or high heat to extract the oil from the nut. Cold methods obtain oil without applying heat or pressing the coconut meat mechanically, hence the more common term "cold pressed". While many Virgin Coconut Oil found in the market claim to be cold pressed, the oil you buy may have been heated after extraction to hasten the lowering of the moisture (water) content.

Somah Virgin Coconut Oil is produced by Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat (ANH) processes. Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat (ANH) processes do not use heat to lower the moisture level of the oil after the coconut meat is pressed. The coconut and oil are kept below human body temperature at all times during manufacture and storage.

Cold processed virgin coconut oil allows the retention of monoglycerides and other natural anti-oxidants such as tocopherol (vitamin E), vitamin A and C which serves as natural preservatives. Heating will destroy these substances leaving only the lauric acid to work alone rather than in combination with these micro-nutrients.

Our production starts and ends with our commitment to provide you with the only highest quality virgin coconut oil. We select only fresh and mature organically grown coconuts. We use Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat methods to retain the oil's natural properties and nutritional values.