Immune Booster

Somah Wellness Immune booster

Our immunity is a complex collaboration of many different components. Specific antioxidants have been shown to improve specific parts of that system. So when we get the proper combination of antioxidants, we improve the body’s immune system. SOMAH Wellness Immune Booster is a tool in your hand to help address those lifestyle stresses we all feel from time to time.

When you’re tired and still need to keep going, are out of sorts, or just in need of an energy boost, this is an uplifting rescue remedy that will help you find vitality again. A helpful product for what you need to find a place of calm repose, are stressed, sleep-deprived, overworked, unwell, or simply need to chill. Immune Booster is crafted from carefully hand-picked matured Kerala Coconuts and from the pure, fresh milk it offers.

SOMAH Wellness ‘Immune Booster’ contains natural and unique saturated fats which are anti-bacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Antiparasitic properties boosting our immunity made out of fresh coconut milk employing Australian technology.

SOMAH Wellness ‘Immune booster’ is rich with Lauric acid which becomes Monolorin by metabolism is an active destroyer of lipid enveloped viruses such as Measles, Influenza, Vascular Stomatitis, Herpes Simplex (HSU-1), Visna cytomegalovirus (CMV) and HIV.

SOMAH Wellness ‘Immune booster’ helps digestion naturally because of its MCT molecules are so small they easily digested with less strain on the pancreas and digestive system.

SOMAH Wellness ‘Immune booster’ is a boon in diabetes treatment which Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance which regulates blood sugar and protects against insulin resistance.

SOMAH Wellness ‘Immune booster’ helps you lose weight naturally. The fatty acids in it destroy Candida (yeast overgrowth) and also prevent carbo craving while speeding up metabolism.

SOMAH Wellness ‘Immune booster’ is the second-best source of Lauric acid after mother’s milk.